Shinobi602 is quickly becoming our most trusted inside source here at OnlySP. He’s provided legitimate info to us on multiple occasions now with the name for Halo 5, Quantum Break release date being set to 2015, the next Battlefield game and other things as of late. Today, he shares details on Guerrilla Game’s next IP.

According to Shinobi, Guerrilla Game’s new open world RPG is going to be quite different from their previous works. The game is apparently set in an open world environment full of “exotic creatures and lush environments”, Shinobi said. In addition, and this is the juicy bit, the game will also have robotic dinosaurs as well, meaning that the game is still set in a Sci-Fi setting which seems fitting according to Guerrilla’s past works.

He also provided details on the game’s main protagonist, which actually happens to be a red headed female. No name was given at this time, but it’s very interesting to see the direction that Guerrilla is taking with this new IP.  Shinobi continued on to say the target date set for this new IP is Fall 2015, with a full reveal at next year’s E3. A teaser trailer could appear this year, but that’s based on our own speculation.  

In our previous post on Guerrilla Game’s rumored project, the world size of the game has been compared to The Witcher 3’s in “scope”. You can read all about that right here.

Quite the exciting project if all this proves to be true, but again, none of this is confirmed information at this time. As we noted above, however, Shinobi602 is definitely someone you can trust not to pass along junk information, which, up until now we had abstained from reporting on inside sources. We’ll keep you updated on this story if we hear anything more. In the mean-time, be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date with all the latest.

Nick Calandra
OnlySP founder and former site owner.

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  1. It sounds worse and worse with each passing story.

    1. its sounds fucking awesome

    2. Haters on the internet , such a sad state.Haven’t even seen a screenshot …

      1. These Guest accounts are always just haters.

  2. Dino crisis :D

    1. Well, Sony would have had to of bought the IP from Capcom, so I don’t think it’s that…

  3. At 960×1080

    1. The resolution isn’t confirmed at all, you’re making a worthless and malicious drive by trolling.

      1. No, just your daily reminder PC is the master race, derp

        Please dazzle us all with your knowledge that a 1.84TF GPU is “mid-range” while I go post that link for a 750Ti for $130 with rebate. A card more powerful than the PS4 GPU.

        They call us the mustard race as consoles need to ketchup :^)

        1. Trust me, Nick Calandra will ban you shortly if you keep trolling here.

          PS4 is comparable to a mid-range PC still and has better price/performance than any $400 PC. A launch multiplat isn’t a good sign of performance, wait for a Naughty Dog exclusive in a few years.

          1. Oh so same thing like when you ran crying to Guiseppe when I gave Dualshockers a daily dose of truth.

            The daily ownings will continue wherever you will go, derp. There is no escape :^)

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          5. You are clearly malicious and here to spread your hatred of PS4/Sony and spread lies. You have a negative value where ever you post. Nothing you say is remotely constructive or factual.

            My PC is better than yours, I know more about tech than you, you’re a disgrace to anyone who owns both a PC and consoles.

        2. Guys cmon, just stop with the bickering over stupid issues. I don’t want to ban anyone, I very much dislike doing that. Try to have a worthwhile discussion once in a while, you might find the internet more enjoyable.

          1. That poster goes around almost every disqus site lying and trolling on PS4 and Sony articles. Already banned from dualshockers and other sites.

          2. The best thing to do is just ignore it then. Share your own opinion without replying to his. I remove comments right away when they’re personal attacks against anyone commenting or our staff. If it’s a comment that isn’t worth any value either I remove it, but I can’t remove everything everyone says because if I did that I’d have to remove a whole thread.

            My way of dealing with is, is trying to dissolve the issue. So, if someone posts a comment you consider flamebait or whatever, just ignore and downvote it. My main reason for banning anyone is for personal attacks. Other than that, I’ll remove comments that are pointless and lead to pointless arguments.

          3. I find it funny how derp loves to run around trolling every other platform but when someone says something about his beloved Sony. He runs straight to the site owner to cry.

            Maybe it is a personal attack since every joke about the 900PS4 is a personal attack to derp. Hah.

            PC. master race. You know the drill.

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          5. I can ban their IP.

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          7. Well then I appreciate their dedication to visiting OnlySP lol.

          8. LOL!

          9. Well said Nick.

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    2. No man, don’t forget KZ2. The trailer will be completely prerendered BS just to lure in the gullible Sony flock of sheep.

      1. Uh no. You’re trolling and flaming and insulting based on ancient history, they haven’t done that for PS4 first party games.

        You’re also obviously guest upvoting the troll posts in here.

      2. killzone 2 looks better then E3 2005 presentation proof and fact

      3. Still upset our games look better then anything on your console, go have a cry and get it out of your system kid.

      4. killzone is an awesome serries who had to rush there multiplayer for there last boot but single player was a pretty beautiful experience ill go with them

  4. Guerilla is rock solid, so I can’t wait to see the direction this lands. I am a Killzone junkie, w/ KZ1 as my favorite SP of all time.

    1. After KZ4 released, Guerilla belongs to the group of developers that lies and overhypes to get their titles sold.

      1. So they’re part of Microsoft Game Studios now?

      2. how they said youll be enjoying campaign in 4k at max and 60fps multiplayer was clearly rushed and they didnt say nothing about it

  5. scanning and seeing such PC fanboyistic comments is why I stopped having that fanboy mentality. Plus if I was a fanboy i’d be loyal to one company. Instead i’m happy to have Playstation & Nintendo consoles. Regardless of whether you are PC gamer or console gamer it shouldn’t matter.

    Just game the f**k on.

    1. I’m fast becoming hostile to PC gamers.

      1. You have to wonder why so many of them come to articles about games not available on pc. You really have to wonder.

        1. Yep, same with Xbots. It’s their own fault for limiting themselves to one platform. They treat everyone who is not on their platform like scum of the earth. I see a similar sentiment shared between Xbots and PC gamers which is disgusting and disturbing at the same time.

          1. There’s people like that across ALL the platforms…even Wii U.

          2. notice that there the ones missing out they can talk out there ass but they know that they miss all the playstation exclusives they missed out on all they say is halo and gears but both games are now bieng made by different companies that havent made the game popular to start with there just microsoft bieng dumb and desperate to prolongue and old persons death not letting it die in peace

  6. Be you’re own judge & jury and play the games you want period…

    Cheers Gamers & Happy Gaming!

    1. “You’re pretty gooood…”
      Also, spot on.

  7. This is exciting I hope it’s all true-especially the robo dinos and red headed female protagonist.

  8. i hope this turns out to b true. sounds solid.

  9. Bring it on GG looking forward to another great exclusive on the amazing PS4.

  10. Don’t want to get my hopes high, but this sounds promising.

  11. Sounds promising.

  12. It would be…

    Guerrilla Games’ not Guerrilla Game’s.

  13. very nice. i am fan and love RPGs. sounds like it might be a good game. the only problem for me is i don’t like the idea of having the protagonist be a female. i’ll give the game a try anyways since it’s a RPG but way after it’s release date that is.

    1. sexist

      1. No more sexist than people who won’t play male protagonists.

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