We’ve been hearing rumblings about Guerrilla Game’s new IP for quite some time. One of the insiders we trust, Shinobi602, may have dropped some further hints of what’s to come.

According to Shinobi602, Guerrilla Game’s next IP is some sort of open world RPG. As others have noted, some of the things posted in that erroneous leak that occurred the other day detailing Sony’s Press Conference in full are legit. But to what extent exactly most are uncertain.

An E3 reveal for the game is likely according to Shinobi, and in a much more interesting note the game is being compared to The Witcher in terms of the game’s scope which, is a bit vague as Shinobi noted to us, but could relate to the game’s story, open world size etc, but we’ll let you speculate on that part. Personally I think it’s related to the game’s world size considering the IP is supposedly open world.

Shinobi confirmed to us directly the this piece of information comes from a trusted journalist that he knows and not from a direct source inside Sony.

The IP is indeed real, however, and has been in the works for over two years now as noted in this video from Playstation Japan released back in February. At the end of the video, executive producer Angie Smets says, “We are working on a new IP, and we started on that already two and a half years ago, but unfortunately we cannot share details yet of the new IP, so you’ll have to be a bit more patient on that.”

No other details on the game are currently known as Guerrilla Games have continued to keep their lips sealed on the subject. The fact that the game is possibly comparable to the Witcher in scope is quite the interesting detail however. As with the rest of the rumors we report, be sure to take this with a grain of salt, but feel free to add a bit of hype and speculation in there as well. Sony seems to have a lot of interesting projects in the works and we’re just as excited as you are to learn more about them.

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Nick Calandra
OnlySP founder and former site owner.

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  1. Please, God, please,
    After ESO, h1z1,destiny, etc etc,
    Give us a great OFFLINE game, with a giant huge open world, something like mass effect series could be cool, with a great skill tree, hundreds of upgrades, weapons, a full customizable character from +10 different races, a loot system like diablo, with items going from shiit to amazing, different upgradable vehicles, armors, suits,etc. Where we need to go hunting or fishing or having some bots working on the fields, for food. With mines, gold, platinum and other metals to be able to craft new items, weapons, vehicles, etc. And plants/artefacts/ other stuff, to be able to craft some medicine, poisons, etc.

    All that, with graphics 3 times better than killzone sf.

    But please, OFFLINE.
    I will be disgusted if it’s another online game with subscriptions, in game purchases and other micro transactions, for some quick cash.

    1. Some pretty high expectations you got there sir, hope your not disappointed! :)

    2. Not gonna happen. Check the job listings on their site; quite a few are calling for people with experience developing games with strong social sentiments. Offline will be possible, no doubt, but it won’t be the core aspect of whatever they’re working on.

    3. Why you no like how always online drm has invaded consoles?

      “with graphics 3 times better than killzone sf.”

      Lol cuz you know f3ck gameplay am i right?

      1. Nothing wrong with having game play and great graphics, but as a xbone gamer I’m sure you’re used to being denied both.

    4. Man, I hope its offline, too. Or if there must be online, the online is similar to Dark Souls in that the game is experienced primarily as single player game.

    5. Yeah I agree! How we respond is by not buying those games. Lords knows I want be

    6. May be a bit to much to asking their first RPG through.

    7. What’s so bad about mmo’s?

  2. Super excited for this, Guerilla always make technical masterpieces, would imagine the PS4 graphics and open world RPG gameplay are going to be fantastic.

    1. It is incredible that so many great exclusives are coming to PS4, this console is selling like hot cakes all over the world.

  3. This will probably be even lamer than ShadowFail.

    1. Go back to titanfail you trolllllll :-)

      1. Titanfail, haha im sure. You know your dying to play that game on ps4.
        Killzone is garbage and i have a ps4

        1. No one is dying to play a game on PS4 that can easily be played on PC and be a thousand times better then it is on xbone so STFU.

          1. No id rather play on a big screen with a controller.. Im sure plenty of people want to play it on ps4..

        2. Yeah killzone let me down.. Bored

    2. But no where near as lame as your life.

  4. i just hope they hire a professional writer this time

    1. They did. they hired the writer of the fallout series :D

  5. Ugh… Why does any mention of platform exclusive games bring out the trolls? I wish people would just not contribute to threads if they have nothing constructive to contribute.
    Seriously, no-one cares that you get your rocks off by sticking your dick in your XBO/PS4/WiiU/X360/PS3/PC/whatever is your poison. Can’t we just discuss the merits and failures of games and game concepts like reasonable, rational people? It’s not difficult. *le sigh*
    Sorry Nick, but this is bullshit.

    1. Yea, I haven’t had a chance to moderate this thread yet. I usually do what I can to make sure trolls stay out. This thread isn’t that bad though compared to other threads.

      1. It’s not your fault. It’s the arrogant berks who think it’s cool to bash something just because they don’t like it.
        And I know that this thread was cleaner than others, but it just got to me a little bit yesterday seeing it all over the place.

  6. This will be interesting to see

  7. They hired the lead writer from Fallout: New Vegas late last year. So that should tell you want kind of game this will be.

    1. Was that to work on this game? It seem a bit late to me to be calling a writer 2 years into production. Especially in a new IP, an really role play games needs a solid universe before you start building the game.

      I suspect he probably working on the next killzone game and not this new ip.

      RPG isn’t genre where you can tag on the story at the last minute.

      1. It would be a waste to use him on a Killzone game.

        My guess is that they brought him in to clean up the story they already have. If this releases in November that would be more than enough time for him to be able to make some improvements.

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