Guerrilla Games is starting to ramp up hiring for its next title.

According to the studio’s website, the company is looking to fill an extensive number of roles with some job listings posted as recently as 12 hours ago. These roles include titles such as senior producer, senior art producer, and Java developer. Interestingly enough, the Java developer listing mentions the following responsibilities:

  • You will build a robust backend that can scale up to serve many concurrent users;
  • You will work on systems like matchmaking, tournaments, clans and leaderboards;
  • You will work on systems to test and deploy a new server set without downtime;
  • You will integrate the game servers with the PlayStation Network and other third party services;

These seem to hint at Guerrilla’s next game having some sort of multiplayer focus, perhaps a new Killzone game. A Dutch website, Het Parool, ran an article back in 2017 that reported on the closure of Guerrilla Game’s Cambridge Studio, and that “a new Killzone and the final touches have been made to the promising Horizon: Zero Dawn.” Last year, the studio said that it was looking to increase its permanent size staff from 250 to 400, and that this hiring expansion would decrease its development time.

Additionally, Guerrilla has hired two developers who have experience working with Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege, including Simon Larouche and Chris Lee, Game Director and and Principal Game Designer, respectively. Shawn Layden of SIE Worldwide Studios, said in an interview with Business Insider, “The power of the narrative. Big, spectacular experiences. But not a whole lot in the multiplayer side of things, I think. That’s an area where you will likely see us start to make more noise in the new term.” A new Killzone game might be in the pipeline for the next PlayStation, but time will only tell.

Meanwhile, an actress previously alluded that a Horizon Zero Dawn sequel is already in production.

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