Guacamelee! 2, the sequel to 2013’s much beloved wrestling-themed Metroidvania Guacamelee!, has been confirmed for PC.

The Toronto-based developer, Drinkbox Studios, revealed in a tweet that the sequel will be coming to Steam.

Guacamelee! 2 was revealed in a trailer last October for PlayStation 4. An updated trailer, embedded below, appears to mirror much of the previous game’s bombastic humour and artstyle, albeit with more polish.

Players will again assume the role of aspiring luchador Juan Aguacate as he emulates the wrestling moves of his idols to defeat anything from aztec demons to sambaing calacas. Gameplay-wise, the series offers an interesting twist on the Metroidvania theme by embedding the combat and setting in an underrepresented culture, much like this year’s Mulaka.

Guacamelee! was one of the indie game forerunners as the genre enjoyed its first major watershed period in the early 2010s, with the project nominated for the 2013 Independent Games Festival for Excellence in Visual Art. The original title also received glowing reviews on release, so the hype for a sequel has been brewing for a few years now.

No other information has been released about further ports, even though the previous title in the series was released on all major platforms after a period of PlayStation exclusivity. If players have ever dreamed of elbow-dropping a demon from a ridiculous height, then be sure to check out Guacamelee! 2 when it releases this year. The first game in the series is currently on sale on Steam for 90% off, with the sequel’s Steam page already set up.

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