We recently got in touch with Ayako, the personal assistant to Hideo Kojima about the information spreading around that Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes’ main mission can be completed in under 2 hours.

According to Ayako, this information is not correct. When we asked about the game being so short, she told us that the Kotaku article was “false” and not to “believe them.”



She had earlier responded to another user as well, also telling them the article was false, but failing to go into specifics. However, she did try to make it clear that the game was not a paid demo back in December.



We can’t be entirely sure how big Ground  Zeroes really is, but according to Kojima in a previous interview with VG247, there are multiple “open-worlds” in Ground Zeroes. Kojima stated, “there will be larger open worlds, and you can use the helicopter between those open world stages.”

As Kotaku noted from the Game Informe article, there is more than one mission in the game, and there’s also a number of collectibles to find, leaderboards and so on. However, the price of the game isn’t as steep as you may think it is. The only reason the game would cost you $40 is if you buy it in a physical form via the next-gen consoles. On the PS3 and Xbox 360 it will be $20 digitally, which if the game turns out to be just 2-5 hours long, is comparable to Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon and its gameplay time, which cost users $15. On the PS4 and Xbox One, it will cost you $30 digitally and $40 for a physical copy. Open-world games, even semi-open are very hard to put a time stamp on. If you run through a game that focuses on stealth, obviously it won’t take you as long as someone who plays it via a stealth approach.


Japanese media got their first preview of Ground Zeroes as well, Kojima tweeted this picture of a press member apparently finishing the “main mission”.This could add some extra validation to GameInformer’s claims of the game’s length.


We’ve sent out multiple requests for comment on an estimation of the game’s full length and will update the story once we receive a reply. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for an instant update, if and when we get a reply.

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Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes Can Be Finished In Two Hours – Report

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  1. Who gives a fuck what some gaming article says. I am buying this for 30$ from PSN.

    1. I’m buying this for $60 including TPP, no way I’m paying $40 now and pay $60 for TPP (assuming it’ll be at that price) later on. $100 for one entire game then is stupid.

      1. I’ve paid 100 dollars for collector’s editions, and had I known how much I’d love mgs4 back then, I’d have paid 100 dollars for a collector’s edition of that too. I’ll pay whatever I need to for what kojima releases satisfied as his mgs5.

        1. Except… you aren’t paying $100 for a CE here. You’re paying $100 for the normal edition.

          Whatever man, your money, your decision. My opinion, $100 for a game is stupid.

          1. Well I mean realistically you pay 20 cheapest for this one and 40 cheapest for the phantom pain, which comes out to a normal 60 dollar game.

  2. Please… The only games I kept for my PS3 are MGS HD Collection and MGS IV Special Edition. I don’t care about the length or the price. That’s the problem with people who are “into” gaming nowadays. You play the game until you exhausted everything in it. Not just one mission. I want to play MG on my PS4.

  3. “We can’t be entirely sure how big Ground Zeroes really is, but according to Kojima in a previous interview with VG247, there are multiple “open-worlds” in Ground Zeroes”

    Nope nope nope nope nope.

    There are multiple open worlds in MGSV but not the Ground Zeroes portion of it. In Ground Zeroes all you’ll have is the Cuban ‘Camp Omega’ and maybe Mother Base, but even if Mother Base is there it won’t exactly be huge.

    1. You sure? The way I read that interview, it was specifically talking about Ground Zeroes. “Open-Worlds” was also in quotes as that is what Kojima called it, rather than open ended missions.

      1. I’m sure, I know my Metal Gear Solid.

        If that was his quote then it was either a misquote or a mistake on his part or a translation error.

        When Phantom Pain comes out then we’ll get the multiple open worlds.

  4. We will find out the truth sooner or later…

    1. That you’re wrong?

  5. either way it should only cost 20$ on ps4 as well. Why does a demo like this cost 10$ more on ps4/xbox1 vs ps3/360? Ill get it on ps4 when its in the bargain bin for 10$, im not paying that much for something that is obviously cut from the actual game to sell us a game for 40+60= $100

  6. The more the PR people try to downplay it, the more attention it gets.

    Forty dollar demo.

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