Robert Baker, a programmer on Rollcage and RC: Stage 2, has teamed up with Caged Element to create  a combat-based racing game titled GRIP, which is targeting a full release later this year.

The revelation of Baker’s past  was made via a blog post by GRIP game director, Chris Mallinson. According to the post, Baker was an avid member of the Rollcage community, which led to Mallison approaching him about a new project inspired by Baker’s previous work. The rest of the Caged Element team was compiled of fans of the Rollcage series, and members had prior experience working on racing games.

One of the key features of GRIP will be the ability to drive on any surface. The fluidity of swapping from one surface to the next could lead to intriguing race track layouts and a variety of ways to navigate each map. Multiple planets of varying landscapes have been shown so far including junk-filled deserts, icy cliffs, and rocky valleys.

The developers have promised that GRIP will be a more “weighted, gritty, and rugged” than other racing titles, with the vehicles feeling like fast tanks. Not only is each vehicle described as a “beast,” but players will have the option to customise each rig to a style of their choosing, whether that be a sleek militaristic look to a scrappy Mad Max-esque ride.

Although the final details of combat mechanics have not yet been locked down, the game will include at least six weapons, such as machine gun turrets and rocket launched, and four special skills to help players get the jump on their opponents.

GRIP does not yet have a firm release date, but the Caged Element team is targeting a release later this year for PC, PlayStation 4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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