The upcoming 17th-century inspired RPG Greedfall will require players to balance relationships with six different factions that will each present tough moral choices.

Speaking to GameReactor recently, the project’s gameplay manager Sébastian Di Ruzza confirmed that each of the player’s companions in Greedfall will be affiliated with a faction, and that the character’s relationship with the individual will affect their relationship with the wider group. Going further, Di Ruzza specified that the natives of the game’s world will comprise one faction, while the remainder come from within the colonising forces. As with the natives, two of these groups will be magic-based (one related to religion and the other “based more on science), while the remaining three are “neutral,” with those being the Navigators, the Mercenaries, and the player’s faction of the Merchants.

As this world set-up suggests, players will be forced to make certain choices, but Di Ruzza emphasises that “there’s not evil choices, good choices. It’s more human choices that you have to make because every faction [has] their own reasons to act in different ways” and players will have to choose the group that most aligns with their personal philosophy.

The full interview also reveals that development team Spiders is aiming to expand on the recurring tenets of its previous games by offering myriad solutions to each mission, as well as building out bigger environments while still not adopting a fully open world.

Greedfall casts players as a colonist on an island who is trying to find a cure that has devastated the population of the mainland. While the game initially gave a strong impression of a colonial theme, the project’s manager, Marie-Cécile Jacq, was quick to emphasise that any such theme is secondary to the central storyline.

The game was announced earlier this year with a stunning debut trailer, and is currently targeting a 2018 release on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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