The latest RPG from developer Spiders, GreedFall, has received a release window and a new story trailer.

Publisher Focus Home Interactive released a story trailer for the game announcing the release window to be September 2019 for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox One.

Set in during 17th century full of magic, the game takes place on a remote island full of treasures and secrets. Having left their previous lives, settlers, mercenaries, and treasure hunters gather to the island in search of striking it rich.

The player, though, is in search of a cure that could save the old continent, but is found in the middle of a brewing conflict between the new settlers and the locals who are under the protection of beings known as Guardians.

GreedFall allows players the freedom to accomplish tasks however they want including through diplomacy, stealth, combat, or deception.

The game is keen on player choices as the developer says that the player’s “actions, from seemingly trivial choices to the most important political decisions, will influence and alter its course, as well as the relationship between the different factions established on the island.”

Spiders has discussed how it learned from its previous game The Technomancer and suggested that the game will be similar to classic BioWare RPGs.

The studio also released concept art earlier this week.

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Dimitric Edwards
Gaming has always been Dimitric’s go-to activity to relax and take his mind off things. Ever since he was young he’s been captivated by the storytelling potential that games hold. Some of his favorites include Mass Effect 2, The Last of Us, BioShock Infinite, Burnout 3: Takedown, and What Remains of Edith Finch. When he isn’t teaching English to high school students during the day, he can be found gaming on his PlayStation consoles having been raised in a die-hard PlayStation household.

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