First person horror game Gray Dawn has begun its Kickstarter campaign as it attempts to reach its initial funding goal of roughly $56,000.

Aiming more for psychological rather than gory horror, the game takes its inspiration from titles like Silent Hill and Amnesia, hoping to creep you out rather than shock you with bloody violence. As developers Interactive Stone say themselves: “we want to make a game that will mess with your feelings, defying the mundane logic.”

The game will focus on a priest accused of murdering one of his altar boys in an exorcism gone horribly wrong, and aims to be a “bedtime story, both beautiful and scary.” One of the interesting ways they plan to build that atmosphere is by asking people to send them stories from their childhood that they might be able to use, either for plot development or to turn in to puzzles.

Among the stretch goals are an orchestral soundtrack, along with console and virtual reality support following an initial PC release. These look unlikely to happen however because even though the campaign is only in its early days it has started slowly with just $470 raised so far. Evidently a lot more is needed before they can even entertain future developments.

You can keep up with just how Gray Dawn fares on their Kickstarter page.

Sep Gohardani

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