We’ve been around the block in Grand Theft Auto V and we’ve learned a thing or two about life in Los Santos. Want to know more? Just keep on reading.

How To Escape From The Cops

The police force in GTA V do not mess around. If you happen to get the cops after you, it might seem like it takes forever to get away but there are several things you can do to speed up the process.

1. Head into a shop: If you go into a store, the police will have a harder time trying to find you. Try doing so the next time the 5-0 are looking for you.

2. Go to Los Santos Customs: Los Santos Customs is the new “Pay And Spray” of GTA V. Try breaking the line of sight of the cops so that they begin to search for you and then make a break for LS Customs for that life-saving respray. By the time you exit, the cops will have given up their search.

3Hide in alleyways: When the police are chasing you, try to break the line of sight and get as far away as possible. When the line of sight is broken, the cops will start hunting you for several minutes before eventually giving up. Unfortunately, if the cops spot you while hunting, the chase is on again. If you feel as though the fuzz have all the roads covered, try hide in an alleyway on foot. The cops will usually stick to the roads if they spot you driving so you should just sit tight and wait.

Do As Many Random Events/Strangers Quests As Possible

Apart from the many main missions in the game, GTA V has several “Strangers” quests that have crazy characters asking you for some help. You should try to do as many as possible as they can wield some benefits and unlock new stuff for the game. On top of the Stranger quests, the game also has “random events” which are arguably more important. Random events are more useful as they can give you access to new members for upcoming heists. They might be better at the job than your other choices or they may take a smaller cut than the others or maybe even both! The point is, if two guys are robbing a store and have no getaway driver, you should think about letting them climb into the backseat and help them get away from the cops. It could pay off in the future.

Invest In Business/Stock Markets

After your first heist, you get the opportunity to invest in some businesses. By doing so, you can maintain a steady income as well as some new missions as the property manager. Invest in a legal marijuana store and the store manager might need a delivery drive for some products! As well as businesses, make sure to splash a bit of money out on the BAWSAQ marketplace online. You can risk some money on companies and pray that the recession doesn’t bankrupt the company or you’ll be at a lost. Be sure to check the stocks regularly and remember: buy low, sell high!

Switch Characters Often

Switching characters is a brand new feature in GTA V that helps to relieve some boredom you might have with a character. Every time you switch, you get to see what the other characters were up to while you weren’t controlling them. Trevor might wake up half-naked and drunk, Michael could be sitting by his pool or Franklin may be stuck in traffic. This feature is incredibly useful if you find yourself in the middle of nowhere. All the way out in the middle of a forest as Michael? Click to Franklin and let Mikey figure out his own way back to Vinewood. Don’t forget that switching characters also allows for different strangers to appear.

Have Fun!

Grand Theft Auto V ought to be played slowly and enjoyed for every single second. Don’t try to burn through all of the missions at once; take your time and do some activities between missions. It’ll help make the experience more fun if you allow yourself to get sidetracked from time to time. Simply playing all the main missions as fast as possible is not what GTA V is all about so try going for some hunting or have a dip in the ocean – just watch out for sharks.

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  1. When doing the businessmen assassinations quest as Franklin for Lester, invest heavily in the rival companies that are mentioned. They yield at least a 50% return each over a few days.

    1. This is very true. Lester is a gold mine for getting extra profits from the assassination missions.

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