Rockstar Games has confirmed that story DLC for Grand Theft Auto V will hit later this year.

News comes by way of the Rockstar Newswire. In a post detailing what’s in store for GTA Online, Rockstar also mentions that gamers should be looking for “some very exciting Story Mode DLC” later this year.

It will be interesting to see how many people are still interested in story DLC for GTA V. The game released in September last year for Xbox 360 and PS3, and since then we have seen the launch of a new generation of consoles and a wealth of great games to move on to. Regardless, GTA V is a masterpiece of a game, so the quality of any DLC is sure to be high.

What would you like to see in story DLC for GTA V?

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  1. Alien invasion would be nice, new mods for cars maybe bulletproof glas,..and id like to play as cj as the 4th character

  2. More heists, maybe the addition of another playable character, an explanation and deepening on Trevor’s story (and his mom, lol) certainly something related to the prision. Among other ideas :D

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