Grand Theft Auto 5 was recently released on PC after an excruciatingly long delay between its console counterpart. To help assuage some of that bitterness, the modding community is here to almost literally flip the script on your experience with the game. Modding games is always best with titles that provide significant amounts of freedom. Now considering GTA V is one of the most liberating games out there, we have seen some truly delightful adjustments come out of this community. Newer and grander mods are coming out every day, but this is a small list of some personal favorites that have been made available before time of writing.

This list is not necessarily in any order of preference, but this mod is likely the most hilariously interesting among the three.

The “Angry Planes” mod does what most would expect, filling the air with hundreds of hostile aircraft. Every model of plane available in the game can be seen careening above your head, smashing into each other or dive bombing you on the ground. When some of the military aircraft get involved, things become truly chaotic as fighter jets open fire at fellow planes, causing their burn hulls to fall crashing around your ears. When an AC-130 cargo plane loses a wing, smashing into a congested highway inches from your face you almost need to take a step back just to relish the spectacle.

The next mod is one of the most interesting, yet deceptively simple mods that has been making the rounds on many media outlets since its induction. “Car bullets” is, again, basically what you’d expect. All guns in the game now fire a variety of automobiles instead of the traditional ammunition. This lends itself to all sorts of anarchic mayhem as well as some pretty sweet stunts if you can manipulate the right scenario.

The final mod of note on this list doesn’t share quite the level of spectacle as its companions, but earns its place of acknowledgement for being an addition to GTA that should have been in from the start. This is, of course, referring to a mini-gun mounted jetpack, what else? The device itself is constructed from various pre-established assets in the game, like the aforementioned mini-guns and is charmingly reminiscent of the jetpack from GTA San Andreas. This new jetpack is significantly faster and more maneuverable and provided its offensive capabilities, it is possibly the most dangerous vehicle in the game.

Modding communities can sustain a life of a game for drastically longer than it could do on its own, and with a game as big as GTA V there are no limits as to what could be accomplished. Between all the updates, reposts, and variations, it’s hard to give credit to the specific individuals that came up with each of the three choices, which is unfortunate as they certainly deserve the recognition. By the time this articles up there will surely be even bigger and greater mods ready to go, and more power to them. Mod on people, mod on.

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