Gran Turismo Sport

With a focus on competitive multiplayer racing, Gran Turismo Sport offers a content-light single-player experience.

Recent previews for Gran Turismo Sport have revealed its tutorial-like single-player campaign modes which comprise over 150 drills. The campaign is similar to the License Tests found in previous Gran Turismo games, with the mode featuring four main categories: Driving School, Mission Challenge, Circuit Experience, and Etiquette. Each of these categories has a different focus, with Driving School teaching basic fundamentals for car control, Mission Challenge pitting players in a racing scenario against the clock or AI, Circuit Experience breaking tracks into segments with each track’s final test having a full lap, and Etiquette training drivers to be courteous and less bumpy with other cars.

Results in the campaign mode are uploaded online, allowing players to compare their achievements with others.

Essentially, the campaign mode aims to prepare gamers for online play. Additionally, online play progression hinges on the core values taught in the campaign mode. Gran Turismo Sport uses two rating profiles for matchmaking: Driver Level gauges one’s driving proficiency while Sportsmanship Rating reflects one’s decency on the track. Players with the same Driver Level and Sportsmanship Rating are grouped together online.

Aside from learning driving techniques and etiquette, completing campaign challenges grants Credits for unlocking new vehicles. Gran Turismo Sport awards a certain amount of Credits per completed task in campaign mode. Harder challenges and better performance leads to higher Credit rewards. Another way to earn vehicles is by completing the Daily Workout. In the closed beta test, driving 26 miles daily awarded players with a new car.

A photo mode called Scapes, which allows players to show off their vehicles customized in the Livery Editor across 1,000 locations globally, is also available for offline play. Advanced photography settings and Photoshop functions, such as shutter speed, lens distortion, and vignette are found in Scapes.

So far, developer Polyphony Digital has shown campaign and arcade as the two main offline racing modes. In the beta test, Arcade was limited to two modes: Single Race and Time Trial. At present, Polyphony Digital has yet to announce a standard campaign mode with championship matches.

Gran Turismo Sport is scheduled to launch on October 17 this year, exclusively for the PlayStation 4. Check out OnlySP for more about Gran Turismo Sport and other games with single-player content. Make sure to follow OnlySP on FacebookTwitter, and Tumblr.

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