Gran Turismo 5 released in 2010 to a mixed reception. Many praised in for its fidelity in being a racing simulator, but just as many held it in lower regard as they didn’t perceive it to be much of a game. The development team at Polyphony Digital was aware of the criticism and launched a lengthy period of post-release support that fundamentally altered much of the game, ultimately resulting in the Spec 2.0 release. While extraneous content has continued to leak out of Polyphony in the interim, we are fast approaching the release of Gran Turismo 6 and Eurogamer, citing the series’ creator Kazunori Yamauchi’s comments at a press event, has confirmed that a similar approach will be taken with the latest entry.

One of the most frequent complaints is that the engine noise of many of the vehicles seems anaemic when compared to the game’s competitors. Unfortunately, it seems as though GT6 will suffer from the same issue, with Yamauchi stating that, although the team is working on addressing it, the alterations will likely not be on the disc, and may be patched in at a later date. And this is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of what may be coming later due to the content simply not being ready for release day. One of these is the inclusion of a day/night cycle for all the tracks. At launch, only the three tracks confirmed for 24-hour races, Spa, Nurburgring and Le Mans, will have the system active.

As before, it is likely that Polyphony will continue to tweak the online gameplay, and make minor changes to more fundamental aspects of the game, but it can be reasonably be expected that much of the post-release support will centre around the addition of new tracks and vehicles into the base game. It has been said elsewhere that Polyphony will continue to add to the game for at least twelve months, and that a PS4 iteration in the series could be ready to go in “a year or two“.

Unfortunately for fans migrating from the earlier game, it is impossible to transfer your save data across to access the vehicles you accumulated earlier, meaning that you’ll be starting from scratch. Yamauchi blames this on the fact that GT5‘s save data has been cracked, making it impossible to validate whether it is genuine or not.

It may not be the most heartening news for those that like to feel as though a game is complete from day one, but in the modern age of gaming, it is nice to know that a developer isn’t going to simply drop their tools and move on to the next toy as soon as possible, especially if the former is a disappointment.

Gran Turismo 6 launches on the 6th of December, exclusively for the PS3.

Source(s): Eurogamer, Polygon

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