Developer Sucker Punch Productions has spoken about its aim for historical accuracy in Ghost of Tsushima.

The game perfectly encapsulates what fans have come to expect from samurai action films despite the liberties taken with Japan’s history. In an interview with GameSpot, Sucker Punch co-founder Chris Zimmerman discussed the upcoming game’s attention to historical accuracy. The title itself is based around the Mongol invasion of Japan during the 13th century but will follow the story of an entirely fictional hero.

Zimmerman explains that the team at Sucker Punch has gone to great lengths to ensure the island of Tsushima feels authentic to its real-world counterpart. So much detail has been put into recreating the island that Zimmerman believes that eagle-eyed historians will be able to appreciate several authenticities that may be lost on the average gamer.

Lead sound developer Brad Meyer travelled to Japan to record bird sounds and other pieces of nature in order to produce an authentic world. Not only will the sounds of the game be accurate, Sucker Punch has worked tirelessly with cultural consultants to nail the voice acting for the both the English and Japanese options in the game. Small touches include the hero, Jin, calling for his horse: in the English version Jin will call for “Nobu” while in the Japanese version he will simply shout “over here,” as naming one’s horse is a more western tradition.

Despite the attentiveness to detail, Sucker Punch also understands that there are several inaccurate expectations that players and fans have come to have about samurai in general. Ranging from armour to sword fighting, Ghost of Tsushima will deliver on these expectations while still attempting to balance the accuracy of the environment around it. Zimmerman explains that the developer attempted several iterations of the sword fighting mechanics, including one hyper-realistic version. This attempt saw enemies defeated with a single strike, but was scrapped as it made the game feel too easy.

No release date has been given for Ghost of Tsushima, which is aiming for an exclusive release on PlayStation 4.

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