More information about Sucker Punch Productions’s Ghost of Tsushima paint a better picture of what fans can expect in the future.

Sucker Punch creative director Nate Fox gave more information during an interview talking about the gameplay shown at the PlayStation E3 show, followed by a blog post by producer Brian Fleming.

Jin Sakai, a practiced warrior, is the main character, nicknamed “The Ghost of Tsushima,” now a legend called ‘The Ghost.” The story will revolve around Jin’s battle against the Mongolian invasion. In his battle against the invasion, Jin will have to sway away from the Bushido code and invent new ways of fighting the Mongolians as the player follows Jin’s story.

One example of growth and progression is the grappling hook, shown off in the PlayStation E3 event, as such tools were not used by samurai but silent assassins. Another example is the lack of traditional samurai armor; instead Jin wears attire more suitable to the weather, with a straw hat and straw rain coat.

The game is inspired by a historical events, namely an infamous battle where 80 samurai tried to defend the island of Tsushima in 1274 from a Mongol invasion. The actual plot, however, is entirely fictional.

Ghost of Tsushima focuses on the lives of bystanders, their hardships, and the consequences of warfare on pastoral life. Sucker Punch is taking a personal approach to the characters in order to make a more engaging story, allowing the player to embed themselves in the fabric of Kamakura-era Japan.

Story-wise, the project will focus on an “anthology of stories”, as opposed to the normal mainline story with side quests set-up. The central pull of the story is “about a samurai who must evolve who he is to fight back against overwhelming odds.”

The world is built with minimalism in mind, mirroring Japanese art from that period. Sucker Punch is doing all they can to capture the sublime nature of the island, ranging from flowing fields, to swaying bamboo trees, all the way to the urbanized towns.

Ghost of Tsushima gameplay


Tsushima is a massive open world for the player to explore at their pleasure and built to let the player get lost enjoying the scenery. The game allows the player to explore what they want, delving into the story at their own pace.

The combat is meant to be dark and gritty, focusing on realism and precision over button mashing. The development team has used the focus words “Mud, Blood, and Steel” as the foundation of the game’s battle system.

Stealth is also a central a aspect of the game, where Jin will need to outsmart, flank, and sneak up on enemies that have the upper hand to avoid dangerous and often fatal combat. Battles are not in phased-in or scripted areas, but are played out in the open world, allowing for open and fluid combat. Combat, as seen in the trailer and a recent E3 PlayStation Live Interview, is prone to interruptions from Mongolian forces.

Despite Ghost of Tsushima’s lack of HUD or UI in the trailer, the full game will have a fully-utilised HUD. Additionally, Jin will be able to learn more combat abilities as the story matures, including the ability to use more weapons.

The gameplay that was shown off during the trailer was confirmed to be a side quest, meaning fans can expect that kind of detail and scale throughout the game.

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