Upcoming action-adventure game Ghost of a Tale may well be seeing a beta release in the next couple of weeks, should everything go to plan.

The game’s lead developer, Lionel “Seith” Gallat said in his latest update that he is very happy with the progress that the game has made, particularly recently where the workload has been high but the reward has been too. “It’s fantastic watching everything come together” he said as the project comes closer to its close after three years of development.

Seith goes on to show us how the texture and environment is coming together, comparing some old shots of the game, which is run on the cross-platform engine Unity, with some newer shots on the most recent version of the engine, which shows the environment looking more refined and has evidently pleased him enough to bring it closer to beta status.

If the beta release happens “it should give us a good idea of the game’s state,” Seith says, going on to say that he already has a good idea of the people he will be getting opinions from on whether the game is working as it should, saying that the goal is to “get feedback from people who never played the game before.”

“Hopefully we won’t have any bad surprises!” he continues. He also hopes that a move to another updated Unity engine doesn’t add to the pre-existing bugs that his team are currently dealing with in the game.

Ghost of a Tale is a game about a small mouse minstrel by the name of Tilo who must get through dungeons and mysterious, dangerous lands on a perilous quest. It is scheduled for release on PC and consoles some time later this year.

Sep Gohardani

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