Rod Fergusson has just completed a live Q&A session on the Gears of War franchise via the Black Tusk Studios TwitchTV channel.

According to Fergusson, fans of Gears of War shouldn’t expect to see the game anytime soon as it’s still in the very early stages of development. But, thankfully, it seems like Black Tusk knows what it wants to do with the next Gears of War.

The game will stick as close to the canon as it can according Fergusson, but he also believes that, “fun is greater than canon. That’s not to say I’m going out of my way to destroy canon, but if I get to a situation that may invalidate a comic book or a book, I’m going to make that fun decision.” In addition, he also teased the first concept art for the game which you can take a peek at below. However, as you’ll notice it’s blurred out so you’ll have to really rub your eyes on the screen (literally) if you want to make out any of the details.


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