An anonymous source has just relayed some details to IGN and, for now, they seem very plausible for the story. According to the source, Kilo Squad was only around during the two years following Emergence Day or E Day. Those details can be found in Karen Traviss’s book, Coalitions End. The reason for Cole and Baird being in cuffs is “for treason because they didn’t follow orders, stole equipment, and their actions could end up killing millions of people they swore to protect,” according to IGN’s source.

Since the original Gears of War takes place 14 years after E-Day, this game will see the development of Cole and Baird’s relationship, and how they came to be in the original trilogy. As we mentioned in the previous post, two new squad members will be joining the fray, Garron, and Sofia. As of right now, we don’t have much information on those characters, but E3 should hopefully shed some light on them. The source does happen to say that Judgement is actually a prequel to the first game, so maybe we will see a younger Marcus Fenix and Dom Santiago as well.

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  1. GoW: Judgement is unfortunately ONLY going to be a FPS (by makers of Bulletstorm) and Marcus and Dom are not going to be in it. The control scheme is not going to include the D-pad for switching weapons.I have a feeling many core GoW fans (including myself) are going to be disappointed with this new trilogy, shooter style and control changes.

  2. @facebook-100000672717734:disqus  The game is still a third person shooter.

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