The Game Informer cover story for Gears of War 4 is now available if you’re a digital subscriber to the magazine and includes a bunch of new details about what is arguably the Xbox One’s most anticipated game this year.

I’m currently waiting to gain access to my digital subscription as I apparently forgot to renew mine back in July of last year. Thankfully, our good friend Shinobi602 was nice enough to summarize the details from the cover story in regards to some new gameplay and story details. You can read about the new protagonists featured in Gears of War 4 here.

According to the magazine, Gears of War 4 is set 25 years after the events of the third game. The human race is now endangered and is forced to seek shelter in walled cities to survive devastating wind storms. If you watch the reveal trailer again (at the bottom of the article), you can see one such storm off in the distance. These storms will affect gameplay in a few different ways, such as affecting movement speed, adding environmental hazards, weapon trajectories, and even blowing projectiles back towards the player.

Another factor leading to the humans’ demise is based on the events that occurred at the end of Gears of War 3. The imulsion weapon set off at the end of the game has apparently destroyed all of the planet’s remaining fossil fuels.

The Coalition of Gears is still intact, however some groups have split off and live outside of the walled cities. These groups call themselves “Outsiders” and it is in one of their camps is where Gears of War 4‘s story begins. The Coalition is looking to make Gears of War 4 feel more like the original game in terms of how the story plays out and the overall tone.

The new enemy players will be facing off against in the game have been dubbed “The Swarm” by The Coalition. The first mission in the game has the trio of heroes set in a forest environment heavily inspired by locations in Northern Italy where they encounter their first taste of The Swarm. From the sounds of it, these enemies will evolve sort of in the way the imulsion-based enemies in Gears of War 3 did as you fought them. In the forest, the player discovers “cocoon-like pods” which erupt with “pale monstrous creatures” that look almost human. These are called “Juvies” and when they evolve they’re later called “Drones.” Juvies reportedly can’t use weapons, but once they evolve into Drones they are able to.


Another enemy in the game is one that we saw from the original reveal trailer. The creature you can see in the trailer is called a “Pouncer” and will switch tactics based on how you are fighting it. If you’re out in the open, it will shoot poisonous quills at you from a distance. If you try to take cover the Pouncer will attack you head-on to get you out of cover and back into the open.

The cover system for Gears of War has also been revamped according to the article. Players can now reportedly mantle kick over any piece of cover, enemies can literally come and pull you out from cover, and the game now includes a more robust knife-wielding melee mechanic as well.

There’s plenty more details to read in the full Game Informer cover story so be sure to subscribe to the magazine to read the full story which goes into much more detail regarding what GI actually got to see from the game.


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