Gears 5

Following a blockbuster showing during Microsoft’s E3 conference, more details have emerged about how Gears 5 is different from its predecessors.

Speaking on IGN’s post-conference live stream, The Coalition studio head Rod Fergusson mentioned particularly that the team has “reimagined” gunplay for the newest game. He went on to explain that a goal has been to make combat feel more modern.

One path to achieving that aim has been to tighten the reticle and increase the amount of recoil in the weapons. As such, the level of accuracy players enjoy will be improved. Fergusson said also that recoil is more predictable this time around, so players will be able to control their shots more effectively than in the past.

Alongside the core gunplay, Fergusson discussed the presence of health bars and other statistics in the game. He said that the change was made to give the player a better sense of reward and a visual indication of their progress, specifically referring to weapon upgrades and enabling an understanding of what improvements are made. To supplement this new approach, the team has increased the damage differences between headshots and bodyshots.

The E3 showing for Gears 5 focused on the new ‘Escape’ mode, a co-op mode that tasks players with running from poisonous gas while taking down waves of enemies. However, that trailer offered little in the way of real gameplay.

Meanwhile, new footage from the campaign was missing from the E3 presentation after taking centre stage last year, where the new playable character of Kait was revealed.

Nevertheless, Microsoft confirmed that the leaked release date from last month was accurate. Gears 5 will launch on Xbox One and PC on September 10.

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