Some fans of Gearbox were a tad bit dismayed when Battleborn was announced last week instead of a next-gen Borderlands game, aka Borderlands 3. Gearbox has heard your cries and in an interview with Gameinformer, reassures fans that Borderlands 3 will be made.


Speaking with Gameinformer, executive producer Sean Reardon said, “Borderlands 3 will happen. Well, I mean, asteroids could hit… [but] Gearbox is not leaving Borderlands behind in any sense of the word. Everybody will be very excited. We’ll be very excited and we’ll have learned things through Battleborn and all the other games that come out between here and then. That studio will be all the better. We’ll have better ingredients, we’ll have better people. All that stuff will exist.”

It was pretty obvious that there’d be a Borderlands 3 either way. The series makes 2K and Gearbox just too much money to be put down forever. It is nice to see Gearbox trying something new…although, it’s not single player…

Where’s Brothers in Arms Gearbox!

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  1. Still waiting for that new Brothers In Arms game Gearbox promised forever ago… And I’m not even counting the Furious 4 game in this.

    1. same and a new duke nukem will be nice.

    2. same and a new duke nukem will be nice.

      1. I’d be interested to see them take another stab at Duke Nukem. I just don’t know if that character can survive at all in todays gaming landscape. He’s felt outdated for a very long time given his “shtick”. The fact that Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard was a better Duke Nukem game that wasn’t an actual Duke Nukem game speaks volumes of where that character and its games are.

        1. Tell me about it, everyone trashed on wolfenstein for its “outdated” gameplay, but when tomb raider and bioshock infinite played like generic trash and had a good cinematic story, everyone was screaming GOTY/BEST GAME EVER.

          Seems to me the current “critics” are idiots who started gaming in 2005 and they care more about how much of cinematic a game is or how good the story is rather you know, the actual godamn gameplay been fun.

          When i played futures soldier that coop scripted sover shooter, i cried a little at how the once great tactical franchsie called ghost recon turned into a generic overdone trash for the sake of sales.

          Seems to me unless you play like every game outhere and offer a good story, no one is gona care about your game.

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