Gamescom, Europe’s biggest gaming event, kicks off later today, and the opening ceremony will not feature any pre-rendered CGI trailers, according to Geoff Keighley.

Hyping up the livestream on Twitter, Keighley wrote, “I don’t think there’s one CG trailer in there.”

Instead, The Game Awards host has promised a bevy of upcoming games, with “lots of gameplay” being showcased. If true, the presentation will be markedly different from this year’s E3, where the bulk of blockbuster games received CG trailers.

The content of the show has largely managed to avoid the leaks so prevalent around E3 earlier this year, but several developers have been teasing new trailers. Notably, fresh appearances from Death Stranding, Gears 5, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, and Disintegration are confirmed.

A recent rumour from 4chan (via NeoGAF) has also pegged the reveal of a Metal Gear Solid 5: Demon Edition, promising a revision of The Phantom Pain and Ground Zeroes including entirely new content. However, given the source, that rumour should be treated extremely carefully.

The official livestream begins today at 8pm CEST. Equivalent times in other parts of the world are 7pm BST, 2pm EDT, 11am PDT, and 4am Tuesday AEST.

Nintendo, Inside Xbox, and Google will all have their own livestreams prior to the main presentation, at 3pm CEST, 5pm CEST, and 7pm CEST, respectively.

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