Gameplay Trailer Shows the Brutality of Mother Russia Bleeds
Gameplay Trailer Shows the Brutality of Mother Russia Bleeds

Dennaton Games stormed the industry back in 2012 with their hit series Hotline Miami, which combined fast responsive gameplay with brutal dark themes and a thumping soundtrack. New developers The Cartel are hoping to find similar success with their own brutal and fast paced game, Mother Russia Bleeds.

Mother Russia Bleeds is an ultra-violent Beat Em Up, set to make you cringe all the way with gory combat and a graphical style, “which harkens back to the golden age of brawlers”. The story of this strange and psychedelic game is of an imprisoned anti-hero who breaks free and sets on a course of vengeance, all the while dealing with drug addiction.

The premise and initial impact of seeing Mother Russia Bleeds is stunning, with pixel art visuals and a dynamic soundtrack which sets the mood instantly of a dark, demented Russia. Some of the gory visuals and animations may put off some, however, there is a challenging, immersive and fun experience to be had in this tormented tale.

Developers ‘The Cartel’, are aiming to create an enthralling game and help revitalize a forgotten genre with a unique Beat Em up of their own, while giving players an intriguing story with many surprises to keep them on their toes.

Although the game allows for co-op with up to four friends, the entire game can be played alone in a single player experience, which is sure to please many fans who enjoy tackling a challenging game such as this by themselves.

Originally announced early last year, Mother Russia Bleeds has been brought to the fore front of the industry as the game was shown during Sony’s E3 press conference as part of Devolver Digital’s new partnership with Sony. Publisher Devolver Digital, who have become known for throwing their support behind unique indie games, such as the successful Hotline Miami series, are now publishing Mother Russia Bleeds along with a slew of other indie titles set to come to PC and PS4 over the next two years.

Check out some gameplay of the fast and furious Beat Em Up, Mother Russia Bleeds below and let us know if it reminds you of Hotline Miami and whether you are excited by new indies coming to the PS4.

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Mother Russia Bleeds is set to come out next year on PC and on the Playstation 4.

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