Silicon Echo Studios has released the first gameplay preview for its debut game, The Herbologist, currently on Kickstarter.

The trailer, titled ‘The Arrival’ shows off the opening section of the game, with playable character Vanessa Vin arriving on Dr Meanstein’s private island. Though rough, the footage displays the straightforward gameplay mechanics, including basic traversal, item management and use, and environmental interactions.

Although the animation and actual gameplay mechanics do not, at present, inspire a great deal of confidence, the work on display in this trailer is pre-alpha, and very early in the development process. Despite this, the environment appears richly detailed, accompanied by minimalist audio that helps to enhance the loneliness and atmosphere of the setting. The developers stress that the footage is intended to portray the feeling of play, and that many things may change before final release.

This trailer is the second from the studio. The first was released at the tail end of 2016, before the crowdfunding campaign began, and provided a better look at the overarching story, the quality of the voice-over work, and the character modelling.

More information on The Herbologist, including a synopsis of its story, is available in our previous look-in at the title. With a topically relevant story and the promise of much more complex gameplay than has thus far been shown, the project is deserving of more attention that it has so far received.

The game is now in the final twenty-four hours of its Kickstarter campaign, with less than ten percent of its $10,000 funding goal remaining to ensure the project goes ahead.

Should that crucial final funding be delivered, the developers aim to release The Herbologist on Mac and PC in October 2017.

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