Developer Anshar Studios will release Gamedec, a real-time action, crime-solving, and adaptive cyberpunk themed, sci-fi adventure in 2020.

The cyberpunk-like indie title is set in the 22nd century and boasts stunning isometric graphics to create a unique 3D perspective, unachievable through aerial and side views.

Players will take on the role of the protagonist, a virtual private detective voiced in the trailer by James MacPhee. Players will be tasked with solving crimes in the atmospheric virtual world chasing criminals. According to the game’s Steam page, this cyberpunk world is “where child slavery is a F2P game, where murder over a game clan dispute is an everyday reality.”

Anshar’s Gamedec draws inspiration from other cyberpunk titles of the past, but the hard work to create something different becomes clarified as Gamedec has a distinctive emphasis on detective crime solving and non-linear narrative that is shaped by players. Gamedec unveils an array of perspectives for players to piece together as well as unique themes leaving this RPG highly distinguishable as regards to the gameplay, narrative, and characters.

Anshar Studios provokes players to question whether the criminals they hunt are acting at their free will, saying, “Are they acting alone, or are they mere puppets? What does a ‘happy ending’ mean to you or to them?” By placing the responsibility on the player as well as enticing players to further explore the dark forces controlling the virtual gaming society. Furthermore, being decisive is a game objective, however, some decisions are designed to feel better than others with many unexpected twists that “only you can judge yourself.”

Despite the decisive qualities and experienced nature of the detective, players will feel needed in this out-of-control dystopian world and thrust into the burden by making choices, calculating risks, and consequences:

“A lot has changed in this world, but, not the human nature. Greed leads to crime. Crime leads to conspiracy and conspiracies is what the corporations thrive on. They think they can control me, calculate my choices. They can’t. The choice is mine.”

Players will hunt criminals suffer from oppressive character flaws such as greed and desperation. During these investigations, players will be able to talk to a wide variety of NPCs but must use reason and the power of deduction to navigate tough conversations.

The world they occupy strongly plays on the concept of Transhumanism, a global philosophical movement promoting the progress and transformation of the human condition. Activists of this philosophy advocate for increasing access to sophisticated technology to enhance human intellectual and philosophical capabilities. Gamedec explores this philosophical idea but recognises that regardless of technological advances, human behaviour remains the same.

provided insight into the discussions between Łukasz Hacura and author of the Gamedec book series Marcin Przybyłek about the Low City that is set in Warsaw where “you might be robbed, ripped off, or get into some bother with the local gangsters.”

Gamedec is set to be released 2020 on PC via Steam.

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