It’s not easy making great games. This is doubly apparent for developer Valve Software, who’s head Gabe Newell recently stated that some surprising things, both positive and negative, were slowing down development on another Half-life game.

Speaking to Develop Online, Gabe Newell said a few words about “Richochet 2,” which most believe is a codename for Half-life 3. “In terms of [Half-life 3], we always have this problem that when we talk about things too far in advance, we end up changing our minds as we’re going through and developing stuff, so as we’re thinking through the giant story arc which is [Half-life 3], you might get to a point where you’re saying something is surprising us in a positive way and something is surprising us in a negative way, and, you know, we’d like to be super-transparent about the future of [Half-life 3].”

In an earlier podcast with Seven Day Cooldown, Gabe also stated that he felt saying nothing about the matter was better than letting the fans know about the crazed development. “The problem is, we think that the twists and turns that we’re going through would probably drive people more crazy than just being silent about it, until we can be very crisp about what’s happening next.”

It seems that Half-life 3 is turning into the next Duke Nukem Forever. Let’s hope that Gabe and crew will see better days soon, as the last thing we want is for the game to be rushed and/or disappointing. As hard as it is to say, we need to keep being patient.

[Develop Online]

Michael Urban
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  1. I find it funny that, although everyone knows it's coming, Valve continues to keep mum on it. I mean, it may still be years away, but surely it's no further than FF Versus XIII, or The Last Guardian were at their announcements. Valve should just get it out of the way.

    1. Since they haven't announced anything, they're not responsible for anything. Once they announce it, they'll be responsible for it and any delay or w/e would just look bad.

      They're just playing it safe because they know they want to take their time with it.

      Of course, this is all assuming Ricochet 2 IS actually Half Life 3, and that they've actually started development for it….

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