Subset Games, the two-man team behind 2012’s breakout hit FTL: Faster Than Light, has revealed its next game, a lo-fi turn-based strategy affair called Into the Breach.

As with FTL, the levels and challenges of Into the Breach are randomly generated, but few other similarities exist between the two games. While FTL sent players on a journey through space, Into the Breach will remain Earth-bound, tasking players with using giant mechs to fight back against an alien incursion.

The game will marry a lo-fi aesthetic with an isometric viewpoint and classic tile-based gameplay to create an old-school atmosphere.

Battles will take place in a range of regions, all of which feature destructible terrain, but players must protect the cities that power the mechs. Despite the procedurally-generated levels, Into the Breach will have a campaign of sorts, with players gaining access to more powerful units and weapons, as well as unique pilots, as the game progresses. Failure, meanwhile, will result in players being sent back in time to try save a different timeline, suggesting a perma-death system where all progress is lost following defeat.

The debut gameplay footage of the title is embedded below.

The game’s soundtrack is being created by FTL and Gravity Ghost composer Ben Prunty. In addition to this, Subset Games has brought on acclaimed writer Chris Avellone (Fallout: New Vegas, Planescape: Torment) to help craft the narrative and lore of its latest project.

FTL: Faster Than Light was one of the first major Kickstarter successes for video games, being highly acclaimed on its original release in 2012, and later re-released with additional content in 2014 as FTL: Advanced Edition.

Into the Breach is currently without a set release date, but Subset Games is targeting Linux, Mac, and PC as its launch platforms.

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