Nihilistic city-builder Frostpunk has today released a new Survivor Mode update, which includes changes that makes the title’s intense gameplay even more punishing.

Developer 11 bit studios has stated that the Survivor Mode will test even the most masochistic of arctic architects. The update will remove the game’s pause functionality, introduce a more delicate in-game economy, plus players can only save the game upon exit, ensuring all decisions will be final.

Rewards for completing this mode will be new Steam achievements, but the difficulty will likely propagate new gameplay experiences, scenarios, and decisions for seasoned Frostpunk players.

The title’s brutal difficulty was celebrated on release, so it will be interesting to see how far the Survivor Mode will push players. The free update will be the first of several for Frostpunk in 2018, with the developer promising several robust updates before the year is out.

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Ben Newman

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