Contrary to the game’s DLC roadmap released this year, Frostpunk is receiving a free, standalone single-player focused campaign on September 19.

11bitstudios, the developer, released the news earlier today on Twitter. The studio, famous for its unflinching depiction of war in This War of Mine, is certainly no stranger to surprise content, but few fans really expected Frostpunk to garner this much long-term support. The expansion, named ‘The Fall Of Winterhome’, is a prequel to the base game’s story. More than just story content, the add-on features a new map and a “fresh take on Frostpunk’s morally ambiguous mechanics.”

The expansion does not need to be downloaded separately and will be patched into existing copies of the game on September 19. ‘The Fall Of Winterhome’ promises “hours of brand-new content” with players being able to “lord over a new map with refreshed visuals.” Mainly, the story will expand on the game’s nihilistic lore, returning to the fallen town of Winterhome seen in-game.

The studio had previously stated that the title will have long-term support, backed up by a roadmap, embedded below. No indication of significant story content was seen on the roadmap, however, so today’s news comes as a nice surprise.

OnlySP’s Damien Lawardorn wrote a shining review of the game back in April, which he hailed for “daring to carve out a wholly unique niche and refusing to pander to the mass-market mentality.”

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