Following the surprise reveal that the city-builder Frostpunk will be receiving some single-player DLC, developer 11-bit studios has revealed a fresh story trailer.

Centering around events preceding the main campaign, ‘The Fall of Winterhome’ will depict the story of Winterhome’s unfortunate demise. Little is known in the main game at what occurred in this forgotten titan of a city, yet the trailer gives some clues. According to its narrator, Winterhome was felled by its inhabitants’ “own mistakes […] aware of the risks and the price to pay, [they] took [their] last chance.”

The teaser, embedded below, features some gorgeous animated art, nailing Frostpunk‘s nihilistic world-building and petroleum-fueled art style. The images of the trailer hint at a collective decision that has cost the town dearly, as opposed to natural catastrophe.

The story-driven DLC will update on all existing copies of the game for free. More than just a new story, ‘The Fall of Winterhome’ promises a “new take” on the game’s mechanics, along with a whole new map and plenty of lore to unearth under the game’s endless wastes.

Absent from Frostpunk‘s DLC roadmap, this free expansion surprised pretty much everyone. The title released back in April to glowing reviews, impressing OnlySP’s Damien Lawardorn, so to see it extend support into the end of 2018 is refreshing.

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