FrostFall is a first-person survival, narrative-driven adventure set in last century’s Russia after a post-apocalyptic nuclear disaster.

FrostFall allows players to fully immerse themselves in surviving harsh, rough winter climates. According to the game’s Steam page, both the weather and environments offer graduated snow cover and thaw based on temperature and intensity and duration of snow-fall. In an update provided by developer DRAGO entertainment, the entire world reacts to the weather system. When the snow melts, objects will stay wet and create puddles, whereas a campfire is will melt the surrounding snow.

DRAGO revealed that the depth of snow will correlate with players’ rate of consumption of stamina as well as affecting the player’s hypothermia response. The update also emphasised the varied landscape visuals for players who can spend many hours exploring the terrain because the landscape changes offering new areas to discover.

Accentuating the survival theme of radiation, disease, hypothermia, hunger, thirst, and exhaustion, DRAGO has focused on increasing immersion with the dynamic environment.

FrostFall also encourages players to scavenge and use those items to craft or improve gear as well as build bases. For example, players can use a mobile base of operations and many resources to develop a boat to use on the rivers.

In addition, players can modify externals of weapons such as mounting a scope or finding a sound suppressor, but players may have to make do with finding a can and filler material to craft a makeshift suppressor.

The Russian post-apocalyptic themed aesthetics and first-person shooter gameplay are reminiscent of the Metro games. As the game is set after a nuclear event, the constant corruption will affect everything around the player:

The ever-present corruption affects every living organism in the area. It will affect you, too. How you deal with it is what really matters. It poses a real danger to you and it will be a constant battle for control.

Furthermore, DRAGO’s recent DevLog detailed how gunplay and weapons systems will work in the game. Players will need to factor in recoil, aim sway, and shooting from the hip whilst maintaining weapon conditions to conquer the post-apocalyptic wasteland.

FrostFall is available on PC via Steam in 2020.

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  1. Ooof, that trailer is rough. So many jump cuts it was hard to tell what was going on. Looks interesting at least.

  2. I agree. I like the Metro vibes in the gameplay too. When I watched the trailer it felt like a bit of deja vu running around in Metro 2033.

  3. That screenshot reminds me that i never played Cryostasis and sadly the cd keys are crazy expensive :(

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