Two days ago, a rumor cropped up on Reddit hinting that FromSoftware, the mad geniuses/monsters that gave (inflicted upon) us the Souls series of games and Bloodbourne. The rumor reads as follows:

“Next FS exclusive for PS4 currently in development is a Sony published first party title, like Bloodborne, and is a JRPG. There is another project in development in a similar context which is also a JRPG, and is going to be a Sony published title aka first party. Beyond that, I don’t want to delve into anything but it honestly only takes a little common sense to realise that Shu isn’t going to tell you what anyone’s up to because you happen to ask him a question. Nothing exists until it’s officially time for it to exist.”

The Redditor in question cites an insider on Neogaf for the information, saying “Dude has a very good track record when it comes to this shit” and that he knew about the Final Fantasy VII remake and the E3 appearance of Last Guardian months before they were officially shown to the public. It also cited this forum post, which lists and keeps tabs on Sony’s first party studios and their projects.

The Reddit post can be found here.

There’s a lot of speculation bouncing about the Reddit post, which went up two days ago, everything from an Armored Core relaunch (perhaps even an Armored Core VR game) to Bloodbourne 2: Bloodbornier (or “2 Blood 2 Furious” or “the Bloodbourne Identity”). One of the speculations currently is that the project will be a JRPG, though that classification is pretty uninformative (technically any RPG made in Japan could be considered a JRPG, whether it conforms to the conventions of the genre or not).

Sound off in the comments below with your ideas and what you’d like to see out of those devious fiends at FromSoftware. And be sure to follow Only Single Player on Facebook and Twitter (@Official_OnlySP).

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