Friday the 13th

The long-awaited single-player addition to Friday the 13th: The Game will finally be making its way to players this Thursday.

A free update coming May 24 will come packaged with 10 solo challenges for those who want a more intimate experience with Jason Voorhees. Also included in the update are a new counsellor, AI improvements, rebalancing for Part 7 Jason, and other miscellaneous improvements and adjustments outlined on the game’s blog.

Developer Illfonic Games added to the single-player hype by releasing a new, poppy, ‘80s themed release date trailer.

Challenges included in the update will see players in Jason’s boots trying to kill everyone in unique and specific ways. While mainly serving as a way to beef up the Friday the 13th‘s solo content, the challenge mode offerings will maintain the open-ended nature of the multiplayer component.

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