A new horror game set in a dark, biomechanical world has made its way to Kickstarter and is looking for backers to reach its funding target. Inner Chains is an FPS “which resembles nothing you have ever encountered”.

Developer Telepaths Tree have created a hefty gameplay trailer for the title that you can see below. Their horrifying game is set on a distant planet that’s been untouched by humanity for years, creating this biomechanical world that nature has made its own.

In a world where the lines between the living and the dead are blurred, without human interference but still governed by human ideologies such as faith and oppression, you are dropped into this hostile land in an attempt to escape to the mysterious ‘Last Hope’.

Inner Chains will include a variety of terrifying enemies, an eclectic mix of weaponry ranging from stylized shotguns to flamethrowers and even a bone gun, as well as an atmospheric original score. The game will utilize Unreal Engine 4 with various experienced minds behind it including developers from CD Projekt Red, Epic Games and Techland.

Have a look at their official Kickstarter page for much more information on this ambitious project, and for details on how to donate. The Kickstarter is being used to acquire some extra funding for the game to make it an even more polished experience.  Take a look at another trailer and some screenshots we previously reported on here.

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Rhys Cooper

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