For the car aficionados out there, Forza Motorsport 5 is looking to be the go-to racer for the next generation launch. Releasing alongside the Xbox One on November 22 it promises a fair amount of content, but Turn 10 is promising that more is coming. Every month for the first six months of availability, they will be releasing a themed set of ten vehicles, the first of which is the LaFerrari pack, showcasing the 2013 LaFerrari (pictured above).

Each vehicle in these packs will come with full Forzavista compatibility, meaning that you will be able to check out both the interior and exterior in extreme detail, learn the history and performance specifications of the vehicle and customise them with liveries, different colours and engine tuning. For the autophiles, it’s almost as good as the real thing.

Turn 10 has also announced that they will be offering a Season Pass, termed the ‘Car Pass’, which will give buyers access to every one of these vehicles, available for $50USD. The savings equate to 18% when compared to buying each pack individually.

A full list of every vehicle available in the core game is expected to be made available tomorrow in the Showroom section of the Forza 5 Official Site.

Source(s): Forza Motorsport Official Site

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