Let’s be honest, introducing someone to a video game can be quite the task. What genre does the game fall into? Is there a story? How hard is the game? Sometimes sinking one’s teeth into a gaming experience can even tie into commitment, so serious decisions need to be made beforehand. Thankfully, Fortnite has descended from the heavens to relieve the burdens set forth by the worry of translating a game for friends and family. Epic Games created a game—no—a platform that speaks to the masses thanks to genius design in accessibility.


Players load up the game to a user interface that just works, and there is no doubt that other games will copy the main menu screen found upon first entering this free-to-play shooter for years to come. Soon after hitting the “solo-play” option, players are thrust into a waiting area where they can communicate with others before the real show begins. The history of game design may have peaked in these early moments of Fortnite play, as players are granted the opportunity to become comfortably familiar with the tight controls Epic has bestowed upon the genre. Moreover, this waiting area allows others to become familiar with the lay of the land as well as some of the opponents they will face off against. Friends and enemies are made here, providing a beautiful stage for the coming heated moments of battle. Remember when you bonded with XxBiGdAdDySnYpErxX2007 in the waiting area? Well, try gripping on to what is left of your humanity when you realize they must be eliminated to achieve true victory. Gamers, do not be afraid to admit to the tears that will inevitably be shed during the course of even a few hours of play, as Fortnite tasks everyone with taking out other players until there is only one person or team left standing. After enough players have gathered in the waiting area, the legendary Battle Bus will take all 100 individuals to the sky where they will drop in on the seemingly endless map.Fortnite

Taking one look at the gorgeous world here does more than provide a feast for the eyes. Rich environments and segmented towns are bursting with color, making the rest of the competition from the past decade of gaming look like nothing more than a warm-up. Even the cartoony look helps keep the game world feeling timeless. Dropping with the boys and girls into the fabled Tilted Towers location only once yields environmental storytelling that could send shivers down the spines of even the most talented FromSoftware level designers. People lived in these buildings, so the impact of every pickaxe swing on the now evacuated buildings provide interesting commentary on the metaphors woven deep within the seams of this city’s streets. Yet, somehow, Epic has found ways to bypass limiting these *clear* story elements to only one location by sprinkling the finest creativity throughout the entire map. Move over The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Fortnite is dropping in for a victory royale.

Unabashed originality, clean polish, and environmental storytelling are only the spices in the fresh broth that is Fortnite’s pristine gameplay loop. Unlike other objectively less interesting games *cough* Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds *cough*, Fortnite gifts gamers the option to physically build their way to the top of the leaderboards. That is right, players can collect materials and create forts to survive the waves of other players looking to crash their party. For the most part, players will spend their time collecting unique guns, tools, armor, and shield boosters organically anyway, so the fort building adds a completely dynamic way to play off the game’s namesake. Every time a mechanic falls into place, many will find restraining from shouting “genius” out loud to be difficult. There are so many moving pieces here that the talent and genuine skill put into every detail is impossible not to praise. Adding to the piles of evidence pointing to Fortnite becoming the world’s first Game of the Millennium is the disgustingly tight gameplay. Weapons are snappy and feel great to wield. Players will swear they are holding a real Nerf gun in their hands when they pick up any one of the completely unique weapons found in the game. These shooting mechanics put Activision’s Call of Duty series to shame. If Fortnite were in VR, there would be no reason to ever leave. Even an infant could recognize how simple, yet refined the controls are.


There also seems to be some kinda tower defense game mode, but that costs money so there is no point in touching that. Who would ever want to spend money on a game?

What Epic has accomplished here cannot be understated. Fortnite makes all other games look really bad in comparison, especially single-player games. After playing for at least a little while and considering the game is available on every platform known to man, it is easy to see why everyone in the world is playing this game. Here is to hoping Fortnite 2 is just a remaster of this game considering there is not a flaw to be found.

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