The first details for Fortnite have been revealed at Epics Comic-Con panel today. They are now categorizing Fortnite as a “co-op sandbox survival game.”

“Building is really the core of the game,” Jessen says. “Everything you find allows you to build and improve your structure.”

Epic showed playable prototypes of the game, showing multiple ways players will be able to upgrade weapons — in this case a crossbow that can be outfitted with explosives and electric shocks.

Design director Cliff Bleszinski revealed during the panel that Fortnite would be the first game to take advantage of the company’s Unreal Engine 4 tech.

“This is a PC designed game, shipping exclusively on the PC,” Bleszinski said.


Epic showed off some of the building elements of the game, which seem to be quite in-depth and may surprise you. Everything in the game seems to be destructible, so the demo showed off the player breaking down walls and other items to reclaim material to fortify their custom made bases. Bases can be built to your desires, meaning that you can lay down walls, stairs, windows and more to make your dream zombie base. One part of the demo showed a character in a sniper position inside the roof of the base.

Sounds like building bases is becoming a bigger and bigger thing in zombie games as of late with Class3 putting a focus on building your own base as well. This article will continue to be updated as more and more details come in.

Nick Calandra
OnlySP founder and former site owner.

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