We covered The Black Glove a few months ago when the game was first announced by the newly created studio Day for Night Games and were instantly intrigued by the people working on the game as well as the concept. Now, the development team has started a Kickstarter for the game and if you’re a fan of single player games, you’re going to want to support this one.

Day for Night Games is hoping to craft an innovative experience with The Black Glove by “tying story directly into gameplay, allowing players to alter both events and the world around them.” You can read the official description for the game just below.

Welcome to The Equinox, an eerie 1920s theatre that appears unstuck from conventional reality. A venue pervaded by weird dream logic, inexplicable holes in space, unshielded x-ray art installations, and tasteful use of crushed velvet.

The Equinox has three creators in residence: the artist Marisol, the filmmaker Avery Arnault, and musical act Many Embers. Their work is in bad shape when you arrive and it’s taken a strange, metaphysical toll on the theatre. Time flows backward in areas. Weird things peek out of once-sealed doorways. Unearthly music plays.

As the latest Curator, it falls to you to get The Equinox back on its feet. It’s your job to change the creators’ past to improve their work in the present. How? The hosts Hazel and Cribbage explain that there are “certain games of skill and chance that allow us to interact with… what you might call ‘fourth-dimensional space.'”

The game takes place in the first person perspective and if you check out the screenshots just below, you can certainly see some similarities between the art of the Bioshock series and The Black Glove, which is certainly not a bad thing.

Currently the game has a planned 2015 release on the PC platform, but the developer is sure to note the possibility of bringing the game to other platforms ie, Xbox One and PS4. You can check out the full Kickstarter page here to learn more about The Black Glove.

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Nick Calandra
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  1. Oh, this is looking interesting. I wonder if there is a main story to it as well, a more linear one that happens out and around what the player changes about the theater. While a completely custom made experience will be fun, I would personally love some main plot/mystery behind all of the changes made.

    For example, what happens when you do alter the theater’s history? Is it just a theater or something more? Are the ones pulling the strings or making the player pull the strings just worried artists, a worried owner or do we have some hidden agenda? Do those changes have an effect on the real world outside of this little pocket dimension of it? I’m just itching for a good main story. I’ll be keeping an eye on this.

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