Developers from DICE and other studios have come together to form Fugitive Games. Ben Jones and Marc Janas, former developers from DICE teamed up with developers from Spark Unlimited, Aiden Fillion and Roy Orr, to create a new open-world experience: a space-survival simulation game titled, Into the Stars.

Said to be inspired by popular games such as FTL and Out There, Into the Stars is described as a “modern version” of The Oregon Trail. As captain, players will build their ships, gather a crew, and fight alien forces across space. The soundtrack will be composed by Mass Effect composer Jack Wall.

The title will be created with Unreal Engine 4, and feature a massive system for players to explore, featuring over 90 different zones. Players will encounter hostile and friendly aliens, with every choice impacting the fate of your crew.

A Kickstarter for the game is looking to raise $85,000, with a planned release date of July 2015 for PC and Mac.

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Tripp Papineau
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