Endnight Games have finally released the Save Hotfix patch that everyone has been waiting for. Along with a fix for the save game feature, there was also a number of other fixes for the game as well. You can read the full patch notes just below.

  • Saving at small shelter now works
  • Fixed issue where camera would spin during plane crash if a controller was plugged in
  • Fixed enemies sometimes disappearing after a few days
  • Improved tree collision
  • Fixed log cabin floating
  • Fixed some leaves not connected to trunk
  • Improved stuttering/performance
  • Removed lights from blue cave creatures
  • Fixed trees vanishing when exiting caves
  • Fixed bug where cave sounds could be heard above ground
  • Spelling mistake on shelter ‘warmth’ in book
  • Improved collision in some cave areas
  • Fixed missing cliff detail texture
  • Ocean shouldn’t loose render texture on start
  • Water visuals improved
  • Fixed enemy head duplicating when picked up
  • Fixed glitch where you could make infinite flare guns
  • Fixed enemy head icon not centered, and showing an arm instead of a head
  • Heads/arms and legs now go to inventory instead of being directly equipped
  • Bird on hand does not appear as often

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Nick Calandra
OnlySP founder and former site owner.

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  1. Yahooo!

  2. Too bad the saving still doesn’t work. I played for several hours yesterday and upon my return this morning I started with the plane crash. I assumed that the update said only a small shelter so I made sure I only slept in those. With that being said I know that the game is in Alpha and it will be extremely buggy for a while, but I want to start the game in my log cabin with all my defenses set up.

    1. Did you click “load” or Play Game from the menu? You have to click load right now to get where you want to be. But yea, it is buggy. I started the game up after saving to test it and I was moonwalking backwards across the island with cannibals chasing me the whole way.

  3. i downloaded the game from utorrent but it wont save

    1. thats illegal a. it probably was an earlier version and b. you shouldnt admit that you didnt buy their hard worked game, you just pirated it. just but it on steam.

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