We’ve finally got our hands on The Forest and put some time into the game.

It’s quite rough around the edges as a very early, Early Access title. For right now, you can basically test out the game mechanics, get a feel for the world, but don’t expect to survive long. As of right now, the cannibals are much too strong for you take down with any chance of survival, there’s glitches abound and many users are reporting performance issues. All expected with a game in such an early state, but if you can play it and have everything turned up to the highest settings, the game is quite beautiful.

The next update for The Forest will be released in 16 days and will hopefully hamper out the issue with the cannibals, because just fixing that one issue will make the game 50% more playable than it already is. Checkout the gameplay above in our featured image box and be sure to leave your thoughts on the game just below in the comments.


Nick Calandra
OnlySP founder and former site owner.

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  1. I think the game needs to add
    Mini map and or compass
    Sun Watch or a way to know time
    Dodge moves too
    Pause time while checking the Guide book

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