Football Manager 2013 is a game I very much enjoy, it is currently my most played Steam game, but it would appear that a lot of you happen to like it too. So much so that it is now officially the best selling game in the franchise after only 7 months on sale. Sports Interactive Studio Director, Miles Jacobson, revealed the news via Twitter.

Miles FM


However Jacobson also treated us to a snippet of news about their upcoming title in the long running series announcing that, for the first time, Football Manager 2014 would be available on Linux based systems and would also use Crossplay.

“So the promised snippet of #FM14 news. As well as being on Mac & Windows, it will also be on Linux. With crossplay! For the more technically minded, the flavour of Linux we’ll be supporting it Ubuntu 12.04 (LTS)” – Miles Jacobson, Sports Interactive Studio Director via Twitter.

Miles did also note that they would not announce any features for the game until much later in the year and that a release date had not yet been decided, however if previous years are anything to go by I’m sure we can expect to see Football Manager 2014 around October this year.



Ryan Archer
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  1. Thats awesome news! I wish it had come sooner to be honest. Just seen this and thought it might interest all you FM fans, you can win a copy of FM 14 @

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