Ready at Dawn’s, The Order: 1886, releases in just a few weeks and up until now, we haven’t seen that much footage from the game. That’s not entirely a bad thing since a lot of developers show off way too much of their game and everything is spoiled before the game is even made available.

Some fans on Twitter have asked Ready at Dawn if more footage of the game would be shown off before the game’s February 20th release. According to Ready at Dawn, there will indeed be more footage of the game released between now and the release date. Hopefully we’ll get to see some more of the game’s Lycans, since at this point, we’ve seen about 30 seconds of footage containing them.

On another, more interesting note, the founder of Ready at Dawn Andrea Pessino answered a fan’s question regarding the tech behind The Order: 1886. According to Pessino, all of the technology behind the game was built in-house for the game, which is honestly pretty amazing for a studio that built its name up on developing Vita God of War  titles to start out.

We’ll be sure to continue covering The Order: 1886 as the game nears its February 20th release date, so don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for instant updates.

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  1. Outside of some teaser images of maybe a boss fight, I really do not want much more shown. All my hopes are in an interesting story and unless this game is a solid 8+ hours long, showing any more would hinder the surprises for those intrigued by the story. City scape, boat yard, airship, tesla, the weapons and, the lycans have all been seen. The haters of this game will not stop hating so keep the mystery and show faith in the story and its lore to be captivating. To me anyways but, I also preordered this game on day one already.

    1. I paid off on day one…but i am still worried this is qte movie, and those games are not games to me. just not my cup of tea! I really hope something changes my mind!! I will wait for the review at midnight before i pick it up..i really dont want to spend money on it if i cant control it and have replay value

      1. And to each their own. I do not like RPGs. Therefore I do not preorder RPGs with a false hope of something it is not. Different styles of games for different styles of gamers.
        My whole excitement for this is for a story. Games are games and NOTHING has changed in quite a while as far as gameplay mechanics are concerned.
        It absolutely boggles my mind with how many people say the same thing as you. Why would anyone preorder a game that does not adhere to their gamer style and then spend their time commenting on it because it is not your style game? It seems as if you are on a mission to inform everyone it is not your style of game. What about those who like those style of games? Are they not allowed to have games directed to needs?
        I just do not see the reason for your multiple comments on this game unless you just have to be negative about do to not appealing to you.
        And just a helpful tip, we are in 2015… You do not need reviews anymore. And can twitch/youtube real players playing the game not some commercialized website that played it for three hours to write the article.

  2. I am worried I made a mistake preordering this and paying in full…All the vids og gameplay are nothing but qte!!!! I hope they change my mind with more gameplay soon otherwise im cancelling!! So far only the witcher 3 and blood borne will get my money this year!

    1. You’re right. This game is going to be this year’s stinker. It’s an overhyped cinematic experience that’s going to fail completely as a game.

      1. Or it could be the wolfenstien: new order of 2015… A fun single player romp with great atmosphere, fun weapons, and a good story. That’s what I’m hoping for.

      2. I wouldn’t pass judgment so early. Per say, I totally passed off Heavy Rain as a game I wouldn’t enjoy, and bought it for my mother thinking she would like it (she doesn’t even play video games). As it sat there in its shrink wrap for a few days, I got curious and popped it into the system. Ended up being one of my favorite games of all time.

        Just because a game is cinematic and linear doesn’t mean it’s a bad game at all.

        1. thats not a game to me….. I wouldnt pay more than $10-15 for a so called game like that no matter how good it looks

          1. It is a game to me, and I would pay the full price, if it’s as good. :P

      3. Not going to fail in sales according to preorders so, oh well.

    2. Well, I very much enjoyed ‘Heavy Rain’, so, even if it’s similar. I think I will enjoy it.

  3. Day one for me. [email protected] makes good games. QTE’s don’t bother me, and the ones in this game are dynamic branching QTE’s anyway. I’d like to see how the decisions change during gameplay.

  4. I’m excited. The Last of Us was also very tight lipped up until launch, and we see how that went.

    1. This isnt Nuaghty dog though…. this is a far more troubled situation

  5. That is very amazing to do everything in house. Too many lazy devs borrowing everything. It makes too many games feel the same.


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