Footage from E3 last month showing Daylight in action it also includes an interview with Jared Gerriten of Zombie Studios. Jared explained the premise of Daylight and how it will use a system that randomizes several factors that will influence a players adventure through the game. They believe by adding this “random” factor it will help to touch on the physiological aspect often absent from traditional horror games. While exploring the game players will uncover the mystery behind  their character and the world such as why the world is the way it is and how the player became involved within.

Jared Gerriten says that Japanese horror is more subtle and that they are trying to achieve this within their game by making tense moments using a more twisted and quiet form of horror to scare players. Throughout the game the player is equipped with a cell phone and they are also able to pick up glow sticks an flares along the way. The cell phone is your main source of light while glows sticks are used to find clues while flares serve to “scare away ghosts” following the player.

Daylight was originally intended to be released in an episodic nature, the team eventually decided against it going with a full retail version for the PlayStation 4. Watch  the video above for footage of the game and the interview with Jared Gerriten.

Source:  Playstationtvruby (YouTube)

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  1. I feel ‘Dreadout’ looks much scarier. I have no doubts the developers love Asian horror, but I don’t see that implemented well in ‘Daylight’. To no fault of their own, I feel. The thing is, horror is based a lot on culture. As much as someone from the West likes Asian horror, they simply cannot duplicate it properly, because they do not grasp the mindset behind it.

    So, might as well go for horror games actually made by Asians who know the genre and can bring the atmosphere to it only they can. It’s the same with movies. For example, we all know the typical Asian girl ghost with long hair, but few know the significance of their appearance and the way they haunt or why. The clothes have roots in culture. The long hair also. Their actions as well. So I feel those who are part of those cultures and know the significance and cultural basis for their horror are the ones who can actually use it well.

    1. You make good points, the developers obviously love Asian horror and it will be interesting to see how its implemented in the final product. Hopefully they don’t under use the concept.

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