A trailer of 1666: Amsterdam, back from 2014 before it went into development hell, has resurfaced on Youtube.

The trailer was released just after the previous director Patrice Désilets regained the rights to the project. It shows a human controlling animals associated with black magic (a crow, a rat and a black cat), before erupting the entire town into a gulf of fire in front of the eyes of some of the denizens. Interestingly, it is apparently shot showing a real player running through the in-game engine.

To date, excluding some loose statements of the intent (e.g. that it would be an open world historical adventure IP) and some concept art, this is the most information that has been released of the project that seems to be lying in limbo. If the game will be developed straight away, to either modernise or start again, is doubtful as the developers of the property (Panache Digital Games) is currently working on their first game Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey.

As previously reported, after the fall of THQ (light a small remembrance candle in its name) Ubisoft gained the rights to 1666: Amsterdam. Some time later the director Patrice Désilets (who had previously worked at Ubisoft) was suddenly fired from the project. It was at this point the game hit development hell as Désilets begun to legally fight for who had ownership of the property between him and Ubisoft.

Four days prior to the release of the footage above (taken from a Develop presentation), it seemed the director and Ubisoft made-up as Désilets gained rights to the property and withdrew the legal action. They also released their own statements about how they’re pleased with the results and wish each other luck on future ventures.

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