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Nintendo appears to intend to repair the ‘Joy-Con drift’ issue for free.

Following an extended controversy involving a class-action lawsuit against Nintendo for widespread hardware malfunctions, an internal memo procured by Vice describes Nintendo’s intent to fix the Joy-Con drift issue for free and refund those who already paid for the repairs.

Joy-Con drift is the term used to describe the latest malfunction plaguing the Nintendo Switch’s infamously buggy left Joy-Con. This particular issue involves the controller sending inputs to a game not selected by the player. The Joy-Con drift can make some games essentially unplayable, as many Switch games tie movement to the left analog stick.

Consumers began recognizing the issue as widespread after Kotaku published a report on the phenomenon on July, 16. Following the report, some Switch owners filed a class-action lawsuit, claiming that Nintendo knowingly sold a defective product.

Nintendo is taking a surprisingly consumer-friendly stance in dealing with the Joy-Con drift issue. The company is offering to fix this malfunction free of charge and without proof of purchase. Nintendo will even cover the shipping costs to remedy this issue and will refund Switch owners the roughly $40 they may have spent on related repairs previously.

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