Flash Point

Flash Point: Fire Rescue, the firefighting strategy game from RetroEpic Software has passed its Fig crowdfunding goal of $30,000.

The game is a digital adaptation of the board game of the same now and is being developed in collaboration with the original creators to ensure that the mechanics and spirit is captured wholesale. Players will be tasked with battling fires in a range of locations using turn-based strategy mechanics. The progress of the fires, however, will be randomised, with unexpected flare-ups capable of happening at any time, which players must be aware of and react to in order to save the people and animals trapped in the buildings.

Flash Point: Fire Rescue will also give players access to a range of different characters, each of which will have unique abilities that must be taken advantage of for success. These archetypes include Medics, Drivers, and Technicians.

The developers at RetroEpic Software have already announced that a story mode will be one of the stretch goals for the campaign, but have not yet announced a funding target that will allow that mode to be made. Furthermore, the developers are looking to collaborate with campaign backers to design some minor visual elements of the game, including brands and posters, fire victims, false alarms, and locations.

More details about the project are available on the Fig crowdfunding page, which still has two weeks to go until funding closes. The game is currently expected arrive in Q3, 2017 on PC and mobile platforms.

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