Amongst all the hype of console releases and phenomenal app success like Pokemon Go, a lot of gamers are failing to remember that our web browsers are home to some of the best games around. What is more, few actually know how many single player games are available; in a world of MMO, single player titles are feeling like they’re becoming a dying breed, and yet a lot people still favour solitary gaming to social.


To make finding these holy grail titles easier, here is a list of the top five currently available:

KOL, aka Kingdom of Loathing

Far too many RPGs are multiplayer games, meaning that those who want to explore and create their characters in quiet solitude are unable to do so, often leading to a hindered gaming experience. Kingdom of Loathing however, allows you to do all this and so much more, and all you need to do is create a new account when you visit the website. The graphics are by no means innovative, and in all honesty they’re downright retro, but that doesn’t take away from the amount of depth you are given, even during the starting process when you choose your character’s class and gender.

Dinosaur Zookeeper

This game is incredibly quirky and weird, and isn’t alone in the latest fluctuation in games that are over at a webpage called Adult Swim. It’s a pretty casual title that you can easily get sucked into, but just as easily walk away from whenever you want. This s ideal for people with busy schedules who need that downtime but don’t want to lose hours of their lives whilst they enjoy themselves. As you’d expect from a game that is accessible for all, it is necessary that it is easy to play.

Betway Casino

Not every single player online has to be the conventional title you expect it to be, and this is true of this online casino or any of them for that matter. They are especially fun to play because of the wide array of activities available, which in turn suit a wider range of interests. What is more, they go out of their way to keep their customers returning, meaning you can sign up for a great welcome bonus, and then keep receiving rewards whenever you play. The graphics vary, as do the stories, but that is part of its versatility.

Plants vs Zombies

These games are brilliant for those that want a little bit of everything: problem solving, story, and good graphics, this game from PopCap Games has all of those main components. The aim of the game, for those who don’t know it already, is to protect your house from an onslaught of zombies, and to do this you have to use the arsenal of unusual flora at your disposal. Granted it’s a very niche story, but due to being a strategy title it has a wider target audience, thus elevating its appeal.

Learn to Fly 2

Whether you play this game or the first of the series, you’re opening yourself up to some cute fun, following the antics of a penguin who is determined to prove he isn’t without flight. Launch your feathered friend across the ocean to try and make him go further each time to get better rewards, that’s it. As story and gameplay goes it’s simplistic and basic, but that is part of the fun of casual activities such as this – you don’t need to plan out when everyone is online because it’s a single player, there’s no struggling to complete the level, and there is certainly no loss of sleep due to being up all night playing.


Web browser games are done and dusted yet and still have a lot of mileage before the gaming industry truly calls time on them. This is because the internet allows for such a wide variety of genres to be played, and best of all, it caters to all players without neglecting them. The mainstream titles presently out are taking the social approach to attract players because of the demand and diversity it provides. It may suit some players, but for those who prefer a purer but effortless approach, then it makes sense to hit the internet.


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