A new trailer has been released for The Long Dark’s story mode, an open-world survival game from Canadian developers Hinterland.

Earlier this year, a pre-release alpha version of the game was made available on Steam Early Access and Xbox Live (to Preview Program members) which included the “sandbox” mode only. The story mode will be released episodically starting sometime in Spring 2016.

The Long Dark is heavily reliant on survival mechanics, which forces the player to battle against the environment and the needs of their players’ bodies, including the fight against the cold, thirst, hunger and the weather. You must scavenge for all your items from the harsh wilderness, where falling behind on any day could result in death.

The development and release dates for the game have been delayed for months, but now we have a relatively concrete date for the story mode, and with over 500,000 downloads for the pre-release alpha version alone, the anticipation for The Long Dark is huge.

You can check out the trailer below, and make sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for any more news on this and other single player titles.

Rhys Cooper

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